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H2LR is dedicated to helping institutions reach long-range goals for developing their campuses. Our master planning services enable clients to define a clear path for moving their institutions forward in reasonable stages that can be supported environmentally, and also monetarily.  Because we are not only master planners but are also architects and building code experts, our plans are created with an understanding of how they will ultimately be executed – therefore protecting our clients from unnecessary expenditures.   And as many clients face the challenge of balancing an increasing population with limited funds, H2LR’s master planning services often include fundraising assistance, as well.


H2LR believes that every project should enhance and complement the unique aspects of its location. By drawing inspiration from the location itself, rather than our own portfolio, we avoid a generic approach to design that would compromise the cultural and historical significance of a great institution.  We also firmly believe that the people who use a building should influence the design of the building; therefore, our designs incorporate the ideas and goals of the citizens, staff, students and faculty who use them every day.


As architects, we at H2LR understand that we are uniquely positioned to positively affect the environment by simply practicing our profession.  Other professions don’t offer that same opportunity, and we don’t let our advantage to go waste.  H2LR promotes sustainable development and energy independence according to the highest standards, ensuring that every design blends thoughtfully into its natural environment, and that every master plan considers the environment’s probable future.

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